Hannah combines her love of wholesome plant-based foods with a passion for positive well-being.

What does this mean exactly?

Positive psychology is the study of 'whats right' with you and the world around you. Instead of seeing yourself as broken and needing fixing, we look at how we can strengthen what is going right, and change that detrimental self-narrative.

In nutrition, just like with positive well-being, Hannah focuses on what your body needs to feel nourished and thrive...rather than simply survive.

This is tackled with a family philosophy in mind so that not just parents benefit from better nutrition and mindset, but the kids do too!

With over 10 years experience, a Master in Human Nutrition, and having completed training as a Positive Psychology Practitioner, Hannah comes equipped with everything you need to thrive as a family.

Plus she has 7 years experience as a has had heaps of practice at using positive parenting and plant-based eating with her own kiddos!

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