Here at Empowered Motherhood we can help with a range of fertility needs.

Whilst all the women who come to us are wanting the same outcome - a healthy bouncy baby - their journeys to get there are all quite different.

Some of the people Hannah has helped
  • Corporate mum in her mid-30's trying for a baby for the first time and wanting to make sure she is as healthy as she can be to conceive
  • Teacher having experienced multiple miscarriages over 2 years of trying to conceive, wanting additional support alongside IVF
  • Full time mum in her late 30's who has been trying for her second child for 8 years, hoping she can conceive before her window of opportunity closes

What can Empowered Motherhood offer you?

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The top 5 areas my clients change, to get fertility results

After working with women and couples trying to conceive for over a decade, there are a couple of things which have stood out as key to fertility success.  

So I thought I’d pop them in one handy place for you. No trawling all over the internet, and consulting dozens of professionals.

Here they are, in one researched and tested book.

In this free ebook you will find

  • 5 key habits you can change TODAY which will boost your fertility
  • 5 yummy plant powered recipes to try
  • Heaps of ideas for how you can replace your fertility detracting habits, with fertility boosting ones
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Empowered Fertility

The first fertility program designed with personalisation in mind.

A 6 week guided course where you learn about the 5 key areas of your health critical for optimising fertility. Take control of your journey with a completely personalised plan made for you and your body

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